1. What Happens During a Foreclosure?

    Going into a foreclosure on your home can feel overwhelming. If you are in foreclosure or think you might be soon, you need to start taking steps immediately in order to create the best possible outcome. How To Stop A Foreclosure You have a few options here. There is almost always some way out of a foreclosure. Not all of them are great, and it may come down to choosing th…Read More

  2. Six Bank-Busting Home Problems That Can’t Go Ignored

    Some home problems are easy and cheap to fix. For example, cracking paint or a broken window can be fixed, a flickering light might just need some rewiring, and if you have bed bugs or catch termites early enough, you may just need a one-time fumigation. However, when problems become structural or dangerous for the inhabitant, they can become costly burdens that need to fi…Read More

  3. Three Reasons To Buy A Fixer Upper

    With a wealth of HGTV shows such as “Fixer Upper” and “Flip Or Flop,” many Americans are looking into the logistics of buying a fixer upper, a term for a old or run-down home that needs a lot of work for it to be livable. While it is important to remember that the people on HGTV are professionals, they certainly make it look easy. There are a lot of good reasons to…Read More