1. Three Reasons To Buy A Fixer Upper

    With a wealth of HGTV shows such as “Fixer Upper” and “Flip Or Flop,” many Americans are looking into the logistics of buying a fixer upper, a term for a old or run-down home that needs a lot of work for it to be livable. While it is important to remember that the people on HGTV are professionals, they certainly make it look easy. There are a lot of good reasons to…Read More

  2. What Does It Mean To Be “For Sale By Owner”

    “For Sale By Owner,” or FSBO for short, is a term thrown around a lot in the real estate world - but what exactly does this mean? For Sale By Owner simply means that a homeowner is listing their property for sale without the help of a real estate agent - they are, in essence, their own real estate agent. Why Use A Real Estate Agent? Real estate agents typically charge …Read More

  3. Six Bank-Busting Home Problems That Can’t Go Ignored

    Some home problems are easy and cheap to fix. For example, cracking paint or a broken window can be fixed, a flickering light might just need some rewiring, and if you have bed bugs or catch termites early enough, you may just need a one-time fumigation. However, when problems become structural or dangerous for the inhabitant, they can become costly burdens that need to be…Read More